Wavesurfing in Colombia, Santa Veronica

    There can be really good waves for surfing in Santa Veronica. Colombian kitesurfers come to Salinas del Rey for the waves they don’t have at their home spots in Cali (Lago de Calima), San Andres, La Guajira (Cabo de Vela) and more.

    Pure wavesurfers will go out early before the wind gets strong when the swell looks good. You can wavesurf directly at the beach in Santa Veronica. Quite long waves form in certain spots 100-300 meters out.

    The best spot for surfing in Santa Veronica might be more or less in front of the hill that separates Santa Veronica and Los Cocos de Playa Linda. Heading up to Puerto Velero is another option too.

    Talk to the locals for the last update.

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