Cabo de la Vela, kitesurfing paradise in La Guajira

    The kitespot in Cabo de Vela is the one that will take most time to get you and give you the lowest value for money in terms of cost of food and where to sleep. And it’s simple out here, just forget about electricity all day and getting water is a problem in this part of Colombia so you can forget about taking long showers out here.

    But it’s the kitespot in Colombia with the longest kiteseason and the wind is strong out there. You can kite out here pretty much all year, but it can get a bit slow in october. It’s flat-water offshore, so perhaps not everyones taste.

    This is the homespot of one of Colombias best kitesurfers, Adalberto Gómez (Beto). He won the Argentina Kitefest 2020.

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