Kitesurfing in Cartagena (La Boquilla), Colombia

    Cartagena might have Colombias most comfortable kitespot. The wind here starts at some point in january, a bit later than Santa Veroncia, and it stays strong until some point in April. Expect a few knots less here than in Santa Veronica, 40 minutes away.

    In theory there are two spots for kitesurfing in Cartagena. You could lauch your kite in El Laguito in Bocagrande. But why would you? It’s offshore, the beach and water is full of swimmers, tourists out of control on their rented windsurf or jetskis racing around.

    The real spot for kitesurfing in Barranquilla is La Boquilla on the outskirts of town. There’s plenty of space in the water and on the beach and the wind is sideshore.

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