Don’t bring you pump – support your local kiteshool

    Travelling to Santa Veronica you can save precious luggage weight and leave your kitepump at home. Directly at the kitespot you will find the local kiteshool Veronikites where you can access one of their pumps. They have connections / hoses for fitting pretty much any kite on the market (F-One, Duotone, Naish, Cabriñha, Core, Slingshot and many many more).

    You can even store your gear with them overnight if you don’t want to bring it back to your kite hostel for the night. For the moment they «charge» 10.000 pesos (2-3 Euros) for a volentary membership of their kitescool / kiteclub. This way you also support their work with keeping the kitespot in Salinas del Rey clean and safe. They work to keep logs, sticks and rocks of the beach and they do rescues for kiters in the bay.

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